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Spring time! “Palash flower” blossoming at the dome structures of Pragati Maidan: a view from the Metro station: Mixmedia On Paper.

Office is sometime a daily routine, or is it?

It was one one of those days, when the Delhi Metro is serving more then its capacity. Some billions of office goers standing on the space that is smaller then their feet.

I had my headphones on my ears, and looking bluntly ahead with no particular thought in mind. The Radio blurted the same songs, Boring!

The announcer announced ” Pragati Maidan” ( the exhibition ground), and it happened, Nature forced me to notice and jump back to the Present!

There were hundred of Plash blossoming trees donning, the domes of the back of the maidan .

I was a sight to remember and excite!  Spring Time is here and the buds blossoms ,even when they are choked with the polluting cars that have forgotten the seasons change! so do the nuance of lives.

All we need, is to do is be aware!

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